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In The Beginning

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In The Beginning

Posted by Skid Row Photography on April 20, 2009 at 10:58 AM Comments comments (3)

In the Beginning There Was A Vision of What it might be Like to Create The Skid Row Photography Club in The Heart Of Skid Row. As an aspiring Filmmaker I had never touched a still camera yet my homeboy Spike Lee had done the same thing when he gave the children of Katrina, digital cameras to tell their own stories, so I begin to believe that we too could establish and grow from the experience that needed to always be a do-4-self club and never another skid row program that dictates to the people what they should do each moment of each day. Even from the start I had people that liked the sound of the club but few felt it would do or become what it has. I was able to acquired access to a location for once a week meetings owned by a skid row group by the name of UCEPP and the additional advice of Charles Porter who is an honorary member of the club for all time. Once I had the confidence that this was doable I headed out fearlessly and undaunted. Next I sought out professional photographer to advice on technical details, that photographer turned out to be Dave Bullock who later became the co-founder of SRPC. The first several members did not have cameras, knowledge of photography or even too much understanding of how to utilize the Internet. But my theme was that in the twenty first centaury there is a great digital divide that limits access to modern day technology to those of us that do not have sufficient monies to purchase that lap top, black berry, cell phone and so on that if my people could get there hands on a few basic digital cameras that they being innately brilliant would raise to meet the challenge.  To date they have accomplished more than anyone including myself anticipated by submitting photographs in the Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk in four of the last five art walks and a host of other great events throughout the Downtown Areas. With well over forty thousand digital photographs today we are photographers and we did it on our own without any overseers and outside administration. By the way contrary to popular miss-belief few of the people living in Skid Row live on the streets as all too often depicted in the Times and so on, we are a productive community full of possibilities ?Exploring The Beauty of Skid Row, Downtown and Beyond.

Michael Blaze

Founder of Skid Row Photography Club



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