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Founder Michael Blaze

Quotes Skid Row Films is dedicated to creation high caliber documentaries about the people of skid row and downtown Los Angles including galleries, museums and street people. A little of four years ago I wanted to give back to the community in a positive artistic manner hence I began The Skid Row Photography Club (SRPC) which was created to provide our community a healthy artistic outlet designed to bring new possibilities of self-expression as well as personal development and growth. All are welcome to participate for this weekly activity as we explore the beauty of Skid Row. It became so much more! Michael Blaze Quotes
Michael Blaze
Founder Of SRPC

Quotes Wow,, I have been all around the world since joining the SRPC- I came into the club suffering from a deep clinical depression, i was no longer making social events, staying in my SRO room staring at the walls and crying....from that to empowering my entire family to express their art- my two daughters are members-Wonder the Tattoo Artist ( Blink) and Fatinah McIntosh- self portrait diva- now at Paul Mitchell Hair School and me Queen RA I just got a position with Queen Afua's City of Wellness as their Facebook administrator and counselor in training! I owe all these blessings to SRPC I could say so much more----another time- I am busy thanks SRPC and Michael Blaze the most awesome short film maker I have ever met! Quotes
Queen RA

Quotes I am so happy that my precious husband Chris, enjoyed the club. Thank you for that joy he embraced with you all. My Love and prayers, Lorraine Quotes
Lorraine Morland
Inspirational speaker


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